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Double Hung Window

Double hung windows are a timeless classic. They are user friendly, with spring balances for ease of opening and closing. They allow for ventilation through the top or bottom of the window. The window comes with the choice of the traditional cam lock, or they are also key lockable. The double hung aluminium window is also available as a single hung window system with one sash being a fixed window.

Sashless Window

Sashless windows are suitable for domestic and commercial applications. They are the latest design in unobtrusive window innovations, and have the illusion of looking like fixed glass. Their clever design is like that of a counterbalanced double hung window, with two panes of glass that overlap when being opened and closed. This contemporary frameless design helps increase room ventilation, and has either vertical or horizontal sliding options. Timber or aluminium frame options are available with this stylish window, and they have a key lock that is capable of locking the window in either the open or closed positions.

Sliding Window

Sliding windows are a practical and classic design. They have an adjustable height lock sash and fly screen recess in the aluminium window frame. They come in either a single or double opening window panel, and have nylon rollers that are smooth and quiet. Installation is easy, and the windows are low maintenance. The sliding window is fully sealed to minimise draughts, noise, dust and moisture.

Awning Window

Awning windows are the perfect design for high rise apartments and other high end residential projects. They are stylish with a slimline appearance, and there functional design is ideal for ease of opening. Continuous ventilation is not a problem with the awning window, as they can be left partly open during rainy weather. Awning windows are key lockable, and can be fabricated as awnings, casements, or fixed windows. They have a folding handle on sash that keeps the handle clear of blinds or curtains and bulb seals for high wind areas.

Bi-Fold Window

A bifold window will open up your home, and transition seamlessly into your outdoor living area. These wonderful windows have a large number of configurations to choose from, and are an excellent idea for a kitchen servery. The aluminium bifold window allows plenty of natural air to flow through your home, and it provides you with a more spacious and natural feel, with the added enjoyment of natural sunlight filtering through. It is also a stylish and natural way of being energy efficient.

Louvre Master Windows

With a partial or fully open position, louvre windows allow for varied air flow throughout your home or commercial building. They are available in a variety of glass, timber or aluminium blades. Louvre master windows allow for unrestricted views, and have tight wind and water seals. Cleaning both sides of the glass is easy, and can be done from inside your premises.

Hinged Door

Hinged doors are a practical and yet simple solution for your home. You have many style options to choose from, and the aluminium rails can be further extended for larger aluminium door installation. Hinged doors are available in a single door format, as well as half door or double (French door) styles. Security doors, both aluminium and steel, are easily added with hinged doors. These have many locking options, making them a safe choice for your home or commercial premises.

Sliding Doors

Allowing for full outdoor views, the timeless aluminium sliding door is stylish, reliable, and efficient. Sliding doors glide on adjustable nylon rollers for an easy sliding system that is smooth and quiet. These doors have varied options as far as size, and are available as a 2, 3, or 4 panel aluminium sliding door.

Stacking Sliding Door

Stackable Aluminium sliding doors are an excellent choice for large areas, especially where unobstructed views can be appreciated. These doors open up to two-thirds their width, and come as a 1 x 3 panel (single slide) or 2 x 3 panels (double slide). These doors completely open up your house to the outside world, and let in maximum light and ventilation. They are also visually stunning and stylishly modern.

Garden Bay Windows

Garden Bay Windows add character and charm to any home whilst offering warmth and space within your living area. Garden Bay Windows can be manufactured and installed by our company to order. Garden Bay Windows are available in 15, 30, or 45 degree angle configurations.

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